DUI Ignition Interlocks

Following a DUI arrest or conviction it is a relief for most people when they are given the freedom to drive again. However, that freedom comes with certain restrictions such as having to install a ignition interlock device, and it falls on the driver to carry the burden and expense of meeting those requirements.

Getting caught without meeting these requirements can lead to its own criminal charge. We know that most people can't afford to lose their license again of face jail time, which is why our attorney at the Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding puts 15 years of proven criminal defense experience behind every case. We work to resolve your dispute and even find solutions that keep you on the road.

How We Can Help

Every DUI conviction in Washington state results in the need to purchase, install and use an ignition interlock device once driving privileges have been restored. An ignition interlock violation is in itself a criminal charge that has consequences similar to those that arise from a DUI charge.

Penalties can include:

  • Loss of license
  • Fines
  • Another criminal offense on your record

If you have been accused of an ignition interlock violation, then our lead attorney can help you. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer with a proven record handling DUI related charges, we can work with the prosecution to reduce penalties and even avoid getting another offense on your record.

Particularly if we can prove that you have installed the required device, we may be able to negotiate for a dismissal of ignition interlock violations.

Find Out How We Can Help

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