Repeat And Felony DUI

If you've been arrested for drunk driving and have a prior DUI on your record, you're looking at some severe penalties if you're convicted: mandatory jail time, long-term license suspension, and even worse consequences if you let it happen again.

To learn how an experienced criminal trial lawyer can help you develop and present an aggressive defense to repeat and felony DUI charges, contact us at the Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding in Kent for a free consultation.

Subsequent DUI Charges Are A Serious Matter

To be able to develop and present an effective defense to the most serious DUI charges, your attorney needs to be able to approach the case like any other felony case. Careful investigation of the facts, precise assessment of the risks, and concentrated engagement with the prosecution can all go a long way toward reducing exposure to punishment.

We represent drivers throughout the Puget Sound facing such charges as the following:

  • Repeat DUI
  • Repeat DUI while suspended or uninsured
  • Vehicular assault while intoxicated
  • Vehicular homicide while intoxicated
  • DUI with a hit-and-run accident
  • Eluding police while intoxicated

Because we handle all aspects of a client's case from beginning to end, we can take advantage of the cumbersome bureaucracy that often plagues the King County prosecutor's office. When our attorney shows up to court, he knows the facts thoroughly. The prosecutor might have seen the file that morning for the first time, and might never have talked to the arresting officer or the main witnesses.

Discuss Your Options With Us

Find out how thorough preparation and close engagement with our clients throughout their cases can improve the chances of a favorable outcome on repeat or felony DUI charges. Contact a lawyer at the Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding.