Felony Domestic Violence

At the Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding, we represent people charged with the most serious domestic violence offenses: repeat assault, felony harassment or violation of a no-contact order with a prior record of violent offending. To learn how you can resolve these charges on the most favorable terms possible under the facts of your case, contact our office to discuss your case with Erik P. Kaeding, an experienced criminal defense attorney.

You Could Face Time In Jail Or Prison

We represent people who, if convicted, face the risk of a year or more in prison for serious or repeat domestic violence offenses in South King County and Pierce County. In some cases, a particular offense can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor based on your prior criminal history and the prosecutor's discretion.

One of Mr. Kaeding's jobs as your defense lawyer is to limit your exposure to punishment by identifying to the prosecutor the weaknesses in the case against you and presenting the most effective possible defense in your case. In cases of domestic violence, that means investigating the facts of the case thoroughly and making the best possible assessment of the risks you face. We for inconsistencies, ulterior motives, and other circumstances that might cast doubt on the stories of the state's witnesses.

Meanwhile, we will work closely with you when charged with domestic violence to find ways to improve your position in plea agreements. We might recommend a risk assessment or counseling program long before a case gets close to trial to improve your leverage with the prosecutor or maximize your chances in front of a sentencing judge.

Whether you're charged with domestic assault, malicious mischief, felony harassment, or any other domestic violence offense, you'll find that our client-focused approach to your defense is well suited to the complicated relationships characteristic of family violence situations.

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To learn more about our tactics for resolving felony or misdemeanor domestic violence cases, contact us in Kent at the Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding.