Misdemeanor Domestic Violence

People are sometimes tempted to save a few dollars and try to resolve misdemeanor charges without an attorney's advice. The risk of jail is small in most cases, and a quick guilty plea can get the whole thing over with, right?

Wrong. The lasting consequences of even a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction can be very serious. For the advice of an experienced lawyer who can work toward the best possible result rather than taking the first plea offer, contact us at the Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding in Kent.

Protect Yourself When Facing Serious Domestic Violence Charges

We represent people facing charges of domestic violence, including stalking or harassment offenses and violations of no-contact orders. For first time offenders, domestic assault and similar crimes will usually be charged as a misdemeanor, unless the incident involved serious bodily harm or firearms.

Assaults that are more serious are charged as felonies. People with past domestic violence convictions can also find themselves facing felony charges on otherwise minor offenses. One of Erik P. Kaeding's jobs as your defense attorney is to get an accurate idea of the specific punishment you'll be facing if convicted of the original charge.

It rarely makes sense to accept the prosecution's first plea offer, which usually trades a light sentence for a guilty plea on the original charge. Investigating the facts and identifying the weaknesses in the government's case can lead to a better result for our clients through dismissal of the case or pleading to a lesser offense with even lighter punishment.

A guilty plea on a misdemeanor charge is still a criminal conviction, whether or not you ever serve a day in jail. In a domestic violence case, you'll lose your right to own or possess a gun. You'll have a criminal record. Any future convictions can result in more serious punishments. And if you work in a licensed profession, you might face disciplinary proceedings or suspension of your license in the aftermath of a domestic violence conviction, especially if you work in teaching, law enforcement, nursing, or other professions that involve substantial contact with the public.

Our firm's broad goal is to protect you from any punishment at all for a domestic violence conviction. If we can get a case dismissed or a continuance for dismissal, our firm will do so. If you have a strong defense at trial, we will be glad to present it to a jury. In most cases, however, we will be working toward a favorable plea on terms that protect both your immediate interests and your future opportunities.

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To learn more about our ability to represent you effectively against Washington state domestic violence charges, contact a lawyer at the Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding in Kent.