Drug Crimes

If you have been arrested on drug charges in South King County, Pierce County or the Eastside suburbs of Seattle, get the advice of a lawyer who knows how to develop and present the defense that's right for you. Speak with an attorney at the Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding in Kent.

We advise and represent people facing such state crimes as drug possession and distribution charges related to the following:

What Sets Our Firm Apart

Our firm's ability to find the weaknesses in the government's case against you can result in the dismissal or reduction of misdemeanor and felony drug crime charges. Also, our understanding of issues surrounding the suppression of the evidence against you on constitutional grounds helps me develop a vigorous defense at trial.

As an experienced defense attorney, Erik Kaeding develops an aggressive defense in the case against you and a realistic assessment of his ability to prevent the government from proving its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Our entire firm's job is to place you in the best possible position in the state's case against you.

We represent all kinds of people in Washington state drug crime cases — drivers caught with drugs in the car, licensed professionals who could face discipline or suspension, health care professionals with chemical dependency problems, and ordinary people from all walks of life. Every one of our clients can count on me for highly personalized service that keeps them informed of the possible risks and opportunities at every stage of the case.

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Whether your case involves simple possession or more serious charges of manufacturing or delivering drugs, we can advise and represent you. For more information about our approach to drug crime defense and how it can benefit you, contact us at the Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding in Kent.