Representing Clients Facing Any Type of Marijuana-Related Crime in Washington State

The laws in Washington regarding marijuana are currently changing. New laws have been passed and are being implemented within the next year. Some laws have already gone into effect. These laws pertain to the legal amounts of marijuana that can be possessed and DUI limits involving marijuana. This means that some previous situations that may have been considered criminal are no longer crimes. This also means that if you are charged with a marijuana-related crime, you need a marijuana defense lawyer who is fluent in the language of the new laws.

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Recent Legal Changes

In November of 2012, "Washington Initiative 502" on "marijuana reform" was passed. The Secretary of State's office described this as a way to regulate and license the distribution, sale, possession and cultivation of marijuana for individuals aged 21 and above. This measure also authorized the taxing of marijuana sales as well as removing criminal and civil penalties (state only) that formerly were attached to the now-authorized activities.

Marijuana Crimes Still Exist

This does not mean that all activities related to marijuana are legal. However, many individuals who were charged with crimes such as misdemeanor possession of marijuana, would no longer be facing criminal charges.

Possession, trafficking and other crimes related to marijuana may still be crimes, if the alleged offender is under 21 or the amounts of marijuana exceed the limits set by the new laws. Growing marijuana in a home, with the exception of medical marijuana, is still illegal.

Consult With A Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney

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