Fraud And Other White Collar Crimes

Fraud is a type of crime that involves knowingly deceiving a person, business or government entity, or making false statements that affect those entities. In fraud cases, this lying or purposeful concealing of the truth is for financial gain. These cases are treated seriously by prosecutors and judges, often resulting in harsh punishments upon conviction. If you are facing fraud charges, contact a fraud defense lawyer at the Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding in Kent, Washington.

Types Of White Collar Crimes Defense Our Lawyer Handles

At our firm, attorney Erik Kaeding confidently handles a wide range of theft and fraud-related cases, including:

  • Fraud
    • Mortgage fraud
    • Mail fraud
    • Wire fraud
    • Computer and Internet fraud
    • Identity fraud and theft
    • Insurance fraud
    • Investment fraud
  • Embezzlement or employee theft
  • Criminal breach of trust

Whether the case against you will depend on physical evidence or the close analysis of documents, I know how to assess the risks you're facing and advise you accordingly. In many cases, I can identify weaknesses in the government's case and use them to my client's advantage.

Factors That Affect Your Fraud Case

If the evidence shows that the government will have a difficult time proving the charges beyond a reasonable doubt, we can take your case to trial in the hopes of an acquittal. If the evidence against you is especially strong, however, the strategy used will need to focus on minimizing your exposure to punishment.

If your charges are related to a gambling problem, chemical dependency or similar factors, we can help you get early access to the services that can treat your underlying problem. Documented progress in a counseling or treatment program will improve your position with both the prosecution and the court.

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