Handling The Defense Of Assault And Battery Cases

Violent crimes, such as assault, are viewed harshly by the criminal justice system. Prosecutors often aggressively pursue these cases on behalf of victims. A conviction on an assault charge can result in jail, fines and a permanent criminal record. At the Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding, we have over 15 years of experience handling violent criminal matters. We use this experience when aggressively standing up for our clients' rights. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.

Types Of Assault Cases We Handle

Below are some examples of the types of assault and related cases that our firm confidently handles:

As your defense lawyer, attorney Erik Kaeding is committed to protecting your rights and freedom. In some cases, that means finding ways to negotiate felony charges down to misdemeanors. In others, that means resolving felony charges on terms that will give you an excellent chance of a reduced sentence or probation.

Complicating Factors

If the assault was committed using a weapon, the case becomes even more serious. This can result is more serious consequences, such as extended prison time and the inability to possess firearms in the future. If the alleged offender has previously been convicted of a crime, it may also result in more serious punishments. Regardless of the situation, it is essential that you have qualified representation in order to ensure you are protected.

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