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How Do I File A Motion To Restore My Firearm Rights In Washington?

Restoration of Firearms Rights

Whether you are a hunter or just want protection, the right to possess firearms is considered as one of the most important rights that Americans enjoy. However, if you have been convicted of a felony crime, that right can be taken away from you. Gun and bullets

If this is your current situation, know that anexperienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help you restore your firearms rights. At The Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding, our Kent firearms rights restoration attorney is well-versed in all the statutes involved to help clients like you reinstate this right. With over 25 years of experience, we have successfully represented clients facing the same ordeal.

We can provide you with the guidance you need as well as address all your questions and concerns regarding the gun rights process. Let us put our extensive experience to work for you and restore your firearms rights as quickly as possible.

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What is the Gun Rights Restoration Process in Washington?

Because taking away your firearms rights is a form of punishment, restoring it is not going to be easy. Under Washington Law (RCW 9.41.040(4)b), in order to restore your firearm rights you have to file a written motion in the correct court and notify the prosecuting's attorney's office. The process is tedious and you would have to satisfy several conditions before the court can consider reinstating your rights.

For those convicted of Class A felony or sex offense, the requirement includes:

  • Seeking pardon, annulment or Certificate of Rehabilitation

For individuals convicted of Class B or C felony, the restoration process includes:

  • Five or ten years without being convicted of any type of crime (misdemeanor and felony)
  • No pending criminal charges in the local, state, or federal court
  • No previous felony convictions that prohibit the possession of firearms counted as part of the offender score

For individuals convicted of domestic violence, the requirements include:

  • Three years without being convicted of any type of crime (misdemeanor or felony)
  • No pending criminal charges in the local, state, or federal court
  • No previous felony convictions that prohibit the possession of firearms counted as part of the offender score
  • Completed all conditions set forth by the judgment and sentence, including any financial issues

Our Kent firearms restoration attorney can navigate you through the entire process and ensure that you fulfill all the necessary requirements. For those whose gun rights were suspended due to a conviction for an offense that was committed before July 1, 1984, you may be exempted from the requirements above.

We just need to schedule a hearing date with the court that originally sentenced you and notify the original prosecuting attorney. While this may sound simple, the statute may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction so it is still best to consult a skilled lawyer.

Enlist the Assistance of The Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding

Attorney Erik P. Kaeding understands your need to possess firearms. When you have our firm as your representation, you can be sure that we are committed to helping you obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

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