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The violence and fury of a car accident can be unexpected and devastating. Even at relatively low speeds, there is the real potential for serious injury or even a motor vehicle accident death. If you have been accused of criminal negligence that has resulted in injury, you are facing extremely serious charges.

With not only your license but your freedom on the line, get the counsel and guidance of an experienced defense lawyer like Attorney Erik P. Kaeding. From our Kent law firm, The Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding represents Washington clients who have been accused of vehicular assault or homicide. Our attorney puts more than 25 years of proven criminal defense experience and an unwavering commitment to client support behind every case.

To secure the services of our firm, schedule a free initial consultation. We offer convenient appointment hours as well as in-jail visits to all clients.

A Thorough Approach to Serious Criminal Charges

If you have been accused of drunk driving (DUI) or reckless driving that resulted in a serious injury or the death of someone else, then you could be facing a minimum mandatory 12 months in jail and up to five years in prison.

Rely on our Kent defense lawyer to help you if you have been charged with any vehicular assault charge associated with the following:

  • Reckless driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Driving under the influence of prescription drugs or narcotics
  • Excessive speeding or racing
  • Road rage

We understand the challenges you face as well as the fear and uncertainty. The reality is that most people facing these vehicular assault or homicide charges probably never imagined they would need a criminal defense to fight major felony charges.

As your representation, Attorney Erik P. Kaeding will spend the time to fully and thoroughly counsel, guide, advise, and advocate for you. We are with you every step of the way, helping you understand your rights and make informed decisions.

We Build a Custom Strategy for You

Every case is different. Sometimes, our best option is to negotiate with prosecutors to get your charge reduced to avoid jail time. Other times, our defense attorney in Kent may fight to clear your name in a court of law. What is important to know now is that we will be there for you every step of the way, putting our extensive experience behind building the right strategy for you.

Contact The Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding locally at (253) 444-4432 or reach us online to schedule a free initial consultation. We have flexible payment options available for all our clients.

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  • Commitment to Your Freedom

    The Law Office Of Erik P. Kaeding relentlessly pursues the best possible outcome for you, whether that's a dismissal, acquittal, or reduced charges.

  • Relentless Investigation

    Our team is known for thoroughly examining cases until we find every detail that strengthens your case. We have a high rate of dismissal because we hone in on the evidence you need to walk away.

  • Insider Knowledge

    We know the judges, the officers, and the prosecutors responsible for your case. As a result, we can know the most likely direction of your case and how best to prepare for it. Our firm strategizes to counter the prosecution's every move.

  • Decades of Experience

    Attorney Kaeding has been a criminal defense lawyer for his entire 25-year career. His father was an attorney as well--his family legacy is about getting justice for the accused. That legacy has benefited thousands, and it could include you.