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Shoplifting is one of the most common criminal charges people are accused of. A conviction for shoplifting can result in surprisingly serious penalties including felony theft charges, hefty fines, and possible jail time. Handcuffed person with head in hands

It can also leave you with a criminal record that could jeopardize future career, education, and housing opportunities. A prior conviction, even for something as seemingly minor as shoplifting can greatly impact consequences you may face for any future charges.

No matter how small a theft may seem, you need to have all the facts and be informed about all of your options before making a decision. At The Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding, our Kent shoplifting defense attorney offers a free initial consultation specifically so that people have a way to find out how serious their case might be, and how a conviction or charge can affect them for years to come. Whether you need to clear your name or you simply need to minimize the penalties you are facing, we can guide, inform and advocate for you.

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A shoplifting charge can come from the most innocent of situations. For example, a mother pushing a baby puts an expensive camera into the stroller intending to pay for it on the way out, but becomes distracted and leaves without paying. Suddenly, that person is potentially facing a felony conviction that will impact her life for years to come.

Other times, people make the unfortunate decision to shoplift, whether for a thrill or out of desperation and are caught.

In both cases, the person needs and deserves reliable, experienced, and respectful counsel that can help. Even if you are guilty of shoplifting, the penalties and aggressiveness of a prosecutor can be unreasonable. Our Kent shoplifting defense lawyer can work to explore a range of strategies including getting charges reduced, minimizing penalties, and fighting to clear your name.

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With over 25 years of experience, our shoplifting clients come from all walks of life. We have represented students from local colleges, highly paid professionals, homemakers, and blue-collar workers. We have helped people who want to keep their record clean, avoid felony charges or who may have been fired if convicted of theft.

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