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Death can come suddenly and unexpectedly. It can happen without warning as a result of a situation that spirals out of control, and it can be caused by those who would never have intended to kill someone. It can be accidental, a tragic result of a car accident, a weekend fight or even just a few moment's neglect, but the consequences are very serious.

At The Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding in Kent, Washington, our founding attorney is a +25-year violent crime defense veteran with the experience and ability to work with manslaughter cases. We can help you build your personalized defense and protect your rights.

If you have been involved in the death of another person and been charged with manslaughter, you need an experienced defense lawyer in Kent who can help. Contact our firm today!

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Most of the manslaughter clients we work with would never have imagined that they would be facing such serious charges. They aren’t criminals, but people who have become tragically involved in a very serious situation.

The kinds of cases we see at our firm involve people who make a mistake that leads to a fatality, such as:

  • A distracted driver whose momentary inattention leads to a fatal accident and a subsequent vehicular manslaughter charge
  • A bar fight where one individual falls and suffers an accidental fatal injury
  • A parent who becomes distracted and fails to realize what is happening to a child

These people and countless others like them made a mistake that most other times might not have had any consequences. They are the little mistakes people make every day, but in these unfortunate cases, someone else suffered.

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Rely on The Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding for your manslaughter defense. Our Kent lawyer provides skilled, effective, and personalized criminal defense to help you make your case and get the best deal possible. Even if you are clearly and unquestionably responsible, you need and deserve a strong defense that can fight for you and get a fair deal. Additionally, if you aren't responsible for the fatal injury, you can trust our experienced trial attorney to be on your side to take your case to court.

The lawyer you choose to handle your case makes a difference. Make sure you work with an experienced counsel that will spend the time with you and your case to be effective.

Call us today at (253) 444-4432 or reach us online to schedule your free consultation. We offer flexible scheduling options, including in-jail visits, as well as payment plans for clients who need assistance.

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    Attorney Kaeding has been a criminal defense lawyer for his entire 25-year career. His father was an attorney as well--his family legacy is about getting justice for the accused. That legacy has benefited thousands, and it could include you.